Releases for the Week of March 29th-April 4th

Keeping up with the new games coming out each week can be a full time job that often requires hours of research on various websites. Luckily, this list features most of the major releases for this week. There is quite a bit coming out this week, so hopefully there will be something new for everyone to play. The release dates listed are for North America.

Monday, March 30th

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round for PC. This title brings more fun fighting gameplay to the table. Originally released for the PS4, PC players will now have a chance to get their hands on it. If you were waiting for the PC release, you can grab it on Steam for $39.99, but it is currently on sale for $35.99 if you pre-purchase.

Tuesday, March 31st

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New ‘n’ Tasty for PS3 and Xbox One (although it looks to be available now on Xbox One). This remake of the original cult classic is making its debut on PS3 and Xbox One this week. If you’ve never played the original, I would definitely recommend that you take a chance and pick it up if you enjoy platforming games. If you have played the original, there is still plenty of reason to pick the remake up, as it features fantastic updated visuals and new physics engine. If you’re interested, you can grab it on the Playstation Store for $29.99 (it also apparently features cross buy) or the Xbox Marketplace for $19.99.

Axiom Verge for PS4. Axiom Verge is simply described as a metroidvania platformer with a sci-fi theme. The unique mechanic of the game is that it features “glitches” that allow you to break past the boundaries that the game sets and see things that were not intended to see. That sounds a bit strange, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that system in action. If you like the sound of Axiom Verge, you can get it on the Playstation Store for $19.99.

Bombshell, an isometric action-rpg for the PS4 and PC. Bombshell is developed by the same company that worked on the Rise of the Triad reboot, and features Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison who is tasked with saving the president and the world from the approaching alien threat. The game features explosive weaponry and hordes of unique enemies to slaughter. Bombshell has been described as a female Duke Nukem, and I quite like the sound of that. Strangely enough, I cannot find any mention of the game in terms of release. I can’t find it on Steam, GoG, GreenManGaming, or the Playstation Store, so price and where you can find it are on hold for right now.

Inside for Xbox One. This moody platformer from the developers of Limbo is set in a very gloomy world where everyone beside the main character seem to be brainless and depressed. If Limbo is anything to go by, we can expect an entertaining and fairly atmospheric experience. Inside is currently a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, but we can hopefully expect releases on other platforms in the future. You can grab Inside on the Xbox Marketplace, but the price is not listed as of yet.

Paperbound for PC and PS4. Paperbound is a local multiplayer brawler set in a gravity battle arena. In the game, you enter the pages of various unique books where you encounter strange environments and characters to play as. The game supports up to four players at once, and has been compared to Super Smash Bros in terms of its fun brawling gameplay. You can find Paperbound on Steam and on the Playstation Store, but the price is not listed as of right now.

Neverwinter for Xbox One. This free-to-play MMO met with solid success when it first released on PC. The gameplay features a more action oriented style than the typical MMO, which I feel will work fantastically with a control. You can currently pre-load Neverwinter on the Xbox Marketplace if you’re interested, and since it’s free, it is definitely worth taking a look at if you are interested in MMOs.

Way of the Samurai 4 for PS3. This entry into the Way of the Samurai series has not met with rave reviews, but I’ve quite enjoyed my time in the prior entries in the series and I will be giving this game a chance as well. The Way of the Samurai series was never known for anything groundbreaking, but it does some things very well and always provides an enjoyable experience. You can get Way of the Samurai 4 on the Playstation Store for $39.99.

MLB 15: The Show for PS4, Vita, and PS3. The newest entry into the award-winning baseball franchise promises to be the best one yet. There have been some new additions such as brand sponsorship and a bigger focus on the Road to the Show mode. If you’re interested, you can pick up MLB 15: The Show on the Playstation Store or at your local game retailer for $59.99.

The Sims 4: Get to Work for PC. This expansion is described as a hybrid between The Sims 3: Ambitions and The Sims 2: Open for Business expansions. It allows you to create an customize your own business, including the ability to hire and fire employees. Your Sim’s skills will also directly affect their ability to run a certain type of business. You can get The Sims 4: Get to Work on Origin for $39.99.

Ultimate Action Triple Pack for PS3 and 360. This triple pack contains Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Tomb Raider. If you haven’t already played them, this is a good opportunity to get three of the best action games available on the last gen. You can grab it on Amazon for $29.99, or from your local game retailer. There is also a Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack available for the same price, which includes Thief, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Hitman Absolution.

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 for PC. This sequel to the original Gratuitous Space Battles allows you to participate in large-scale space battles where you control entire fleets of spacecrafts. The game is apparently 50,000 times more gratuitous than the original, which is fantastic. The game features the ability to design and customize your fleet’s ships from the ground up, as well as improved visuals with additional effects and explosions. If you’re interested, you can buy it from their official site for $24.99. You can also get it on Steam.

That wraps up the major releases for this week. As always, keep an eye out on Steam and other sources for some of the smaller indies that often fly under the release radar. You never know when you’ll come across a hidden gem. Also, if anyone has any information on Bombshell, feel free to let me know, as I had a ton of trouble finding anything about it.

What releases are you looking forward to the most this week?