Amazon orders at the press of a button: yes, if you’re reordering

Amazon has introduced to the public a new gadget that will make almost all Amazon orders easier and simpler. The title is not lying, as you can actually order stuff from Amazon at the press of a button with the Amazon Dash Button. This little gadget will let you place Amazon orders in an instant, as long as you already have an item in your house. The move targets frequent Amazon shoppers who rely on the service for most of their household, housekeeping items and gadgets.

Amazon orders will be made easier fore recurrent customers, as the Wi-Fi enabled Dash Button will be available to Prime members who will have their products delivered in two days. Aside from targeting the average Amazon customer, the Dash Button also tries to gain more Prime members across the country.

Although my first thought when hearing about the Amazon Dash Button was: oh cool, it scans the barcode of an item and places an order, that’s not how this works. It’s a reinvented version of the Dash hardware, which to me seems more practical, but hey, I never know what to buy, Each Dash Button is labeled for a specific brand, which means that you can order only specific items with the button. Amazon orders will be then placed automatically and the gadget will send a notification to your smartphone about the order. You can program the Dash Button for a specific item from the company that it’s for, such as Tide washing machine detergent ultra white, or something like that, or a specific type of baby food or Huggies diapers.

Amazon orders with the Dash Button will be available for 17 different companies at launch, and according to the e-commerce giant, there are already almost 300 different products that can be ordered in such a speedy way on Amazon. The device itself looks like a small keychain and it measures 6 inches in length. It’s also completely free for Prime members, which is nice.