Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Izle

Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Izle, a game by Ynnis Interactive. The standout feature of this game was the claim that you can create your own world. I immediately became interesting in learning more about what Izle had to offer upon reading this, mainly because I am always a fan of being able to create a customize your own game world. Izle allows you to summon the power of the gods in order to create new islands, each of which is randomly generated, which you can explore and build upon to create your own paradise.

Izle is presented in an absolutely gorgeous voxel art style. The color choices of the game really help to give each environment that has been shown its own unique and interesting feel. You have the environment shown above, which is very bright and cheery, then you have your darker environments such as the one shown in the thumbnail, which use darker purples and blues to create a more gloomy area. This variety of color choice really helps Izle stand out and really cements it as a game that I am very interested in. Too often do we see games using the same washed-out grays and browns, and it is always refreshing to see a game not only use a unique visual style, but also create a colorful and diverse world to explore.

What is possibly Izle’s most interesting concept is that since the game is voxel-based, everything on the map is destructible. It will be the duty of the player to protect their creations from the forces of evil, or else risk losing their environmental creations. Destruction is fun in almost every game, but with the stunning environments provided by Izle, I feel like I wouldn’t want to destroy anything at the risk of ruining one of my creations. On top of being able to create environments and sculpt terrain, you will also be able to create your own character. Having the ability to build a character from the ground up will really add a good sense of relation between the player and the character as the game progresses. If the game has the ability to immerse the player, I can really see someone having an emotional attachment to the lands that they create, and almost feeling obligated to defend them from enemies.

Izle really looks to be an interesting concept. However, as we’ve seen with many other open world titles, it is a very difficult and ambitious idea to pull off, so we’ll have to keep an eye on this one as the development progresses. For now, consider visiting Izle’s Greenlight page and leave a vote and some constructive feedback to help them out. If you’re really behind the concept of Izle, you can also visit their Kickstarter page and leave a contribution. Izle allows you to create beautiful and unique worlds with their game, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to getting my hands on it.