New Dissidia: Final Fantasy Details and Trailer Revealed!

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that they would be working with Team Ninja of Dead or Alive fame to release a new Dissidia title to Japan’s arcades. While it has the same name as it’s PSP predecessor, the battle system in Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s arcade version will be built from the ground up. Some mechanics like the Brave attacks, HP attacks, and summons seem to be making a comeback in a similar fashion to keep the game feeling familiar. EX skills this time around seem to work in a new way, offering either spells like Protect or Slow to change the pace of the game, or other abilities like Cloud Strife’s famed “Limit Break” to mix up the strategies available to the players.

Returning characters include Final Fantasy staples like the Warrior of Light, and Lightning, alongside newcomers Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV, and the recently announced Ramza Beoulve of Final Fantasy Tactics. So far, the only confirmed summon is Ifrit, but soon we may see the likes of other summons like Bahamut or Carbuncle. In a press conference earlier today it was confirmed that the game is being built on a modified version of Playstation 4’s hardware. A console version may release around a year later. The controller on the arcade cab is quite interesting. Its dual-stick setup resembles a Dualshock 4 split into two.

Besides being well known for “boob physics,” Team Ninja Studio has brought us stylish cinematics in the past through games like Ninja Gaiden Sigma, or Hyrule Warriors. Their style should fit in very well with what Final Fantasy fans have seen in previous Dissidia titles. Fighting game fans and Final Fantasy fans alike should keep an eye on the development of this title. With hope, we’ll be able to play it on our own consoles next year.

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