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Level-5 CEO Explains Why Fantasy Life 2 is Going Mobile

Level-5 Games recently held a press event where they announced some brand new games. Level-5 revealed that Fantasy Life 2 was being developed for smartphones. Fans of the original Fantasy Life were a bit shocked to see the series go mobile. The first Fantasy Life was heavily plugged by Nintendo. Back at E3 2014, the Nintendo treehouse even demoed Fantasy Life for gamers. The simulator title was first released in Japan back in December 2012. As sales increased, Level-5 decided to localize the game for Western audiences. The game was being compared to Animal Crossing by fans. It seemed like Fantasy 2 was destined for a 3DS launch. So what happened?

The CEO of Level-5 Akihiro Hino revealed to Famitsu (via NintendoEverything) why they decided to release Fantasy Life 2 on mobile. Hino said, “I’d say Fantasy Life has elements and mechanisms which adults find soothing. Although children play games on dedicated game systems, recently many adults have been playing on smartphones” It looks like Level-5 had a different target audience in mind for Fantasy Life 2. No definitive sales date for the Western release of Fantasy Life has been released. It could be that Level-5 wasn’t satisfied with sales of the game on the 3DS.

In Fantasy Life 2, gamers will be able to create a character, build facilities, and venture off into missions. Players will be able to spend time together in the village section of the game. Fans of the original game shouldn’t expect Fantasy Life 2 to make it on the 3DS. Back in 2013, Level-5 announced that Fantasy Life would become a series for them. So there’s always hope that the franchise could make a return on a Nintendo platform.

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