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Whodunit?: Devil’s Bluff

My most fond memories of playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are from the Whodunit?-style quest that the game contains. I cannot tell you how many times I went back and replayed that quest because I just adore that sort of a murder mystery. I was also a huge fan of clue growing up, and these two passions of mine are crafted into an entire game. Devil’s Bluff is exactly what I have been waiting for in terms of an entertaining murder mystery.

Devil’s Bluff is being developed by KBJ Games, and is simply described as a 1 vs. 11 murder mystery. The game is meant to be played in online multiplayer with up to twelve players, each one trying to solve the mystery, or trying to lead others away from valuable clues to keep their deeds a secret. There are two ways for the game to end in Devil’s Bluff. You can either complete the clue scavenger hunt, or if you are the murderer you can achieve victory by eliminating all of the other guests. There are two “teams”: the scavengers and the murderer. The survivors are immediately broken up into teams of two to begin searching for clues right away, while the murderer, or Devil as they call it, will be tasked with moving around the castle and slowly eliminating each guest while still maintaining low suspicion. It is a possibility that, if enough information is gathered, the survivors can attempt to capture the Devil. Doing so initiates a button pressing mini-game and will require the assistance of multiple survivors as the Devil possesses superior strength.


One of the silliest, yet fun, mechanics of Devil’s Bluff is the ability to slap your fellow players. While not dealing damage, it can be used strategically to slap people into or out of the Devil’s reach or to momentarily stun a potential suspect. This slap can be utilized while you are exploring the mansion, looking for secret passages, places to hide, trap doors, and peep holes that you can use to your advantage. The exploration aspect really makes Devil’s Bluff seem a lot more interesting, as I could definitely see the game getting stale if there was not much to do in the mansion. However, to combat the potential for the game getting stale, Devil’s Bluff has implemented a random generation mechanic that ensures all clues and secrets are not in the same spot as the previous match. With twelve characters to play, and tons of secrets to find, I really feel that Devil’s Bluff will have some very strong lasting potential.

If you, like myself, are a huge fan of the murder mystery genre and think that Devil’s Bluff sounds like a heap of fun, be sure to check out their Greenlight page and consider leaving a vote and some constructive feedback. Also, be sure to have a look at their Kickstarter and think about leaving a contribution if you like what you see. However, don’t listen to my silly ramblings about how much I enjoy the game; go ahead and try the demo out yourself! Devil’s Bluff is doing really well on Kickstarter, as they are already more than 50% funded. This can only bode well for the game, as more money means more content, and I can’t wait to see what Devil’s Bluff has to offer in its final release.

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