Oppo R7 design is most impressive of all

The Oppo R7 is the upcoming leader in bezelless smartphones, demonstrated in a new Oppo R7 hands on video that was published on Youtube earlier today. Even though when you think bezelless, you think truly bezelless on all sides, but most tech enthusiasts know that at the moment, that is impossible as there still has to be room for hardware on the top and bottom of the phone. But the sides are debatable, which is where the Oppo R7 comes in.

The new Oppo R7 hands on video shows off how polished those barely visible bezels on the sides actually are and it’s truly amazing how well the design has been thought out. Props to Oppo for making a truly impressive smartphone, although the specs aren’t completely official just yet. The Oppo R7 release date is┬ánot yet cleared, but supposedly the device will be out by the time we hit Mother’s Day.

As you can see in the hands on video above, the Oppo R7 is truly stunning, albeit most people say that bezelless smartphones are more gimmick than function. That is valid in this case, as the bezelless display onthe Oppo R7 does not come with any extra features. It does have a slightly curved screen on both sides, which adds to the effect, but that curved screen doesn’t really have any special features tied to it, as far as we can tell. For one, these thin curved sides will be a breeze to pull out Google Now from, for example, which sounds neat.

The Oppo R7 specs aren’t as mind-blowing as the design, but they are worthy of a worthwhile smartphone, in my opinion. According to rumors, as Oppo has not made the Oppo R7 official just yet, the handset will have a 5.5 inch FHD panel, a 64 bit Mediatek CPU, 3 GB RAM, a massive 20.7 MP camera on the rear, and a 5 MP camera on the front. The capacitative buttons on the front are a neat feature, in my opinion and make use of the space on the bottom pretty nicely. What do you think? Is it too gimmicky or is it appealing?