Journey Back to the Classics: Call of Duty 2

Always enjoy the classics.  They’re the reason why certain games exist.  Without their foundations, gaming wouldn’t be the same.  Remember Call of Duty 2?  Can you believe it has been almost been 10 years since the game was released?  That entry into the Call of Duty franchise introduced new and basic concepts.  Even though regenerating health was seen in Halo 2, the grenade icon was a nice refreshing touch for the shooter-genre.  Countless times have we been too distracted to notice if an enemy has thrown something at us.  And it would be impossible to forget that we fought alongside Captain Price as we journeyed across Africa and into France.

Call of Duty gave players the freedom in multiple missions to complete different objectives.  The landing on Point du Hoc and holding the beach against the Nazi horde, is something that I haven’t forgotten.  When you’re scaling the walls with the Rangers and exploring the different objectives, you get this overwhelming sense to not fail.  There’s too much to do and one death could set you back to the beginning of the mission.

Some of the most memorable moments in the shooter industry can be found in this game.  The epic tank battles, the infinite amount of soldiers that you fight along side, and racing under the suppressing fire of the MG3.  Those sort of things are non-existent, especially in the newer Call of Duty games.  Now, the games are strictly linear, and it takes couple of celebrities in order for the game to be more recognizable.  Call of Duty is running into the same issue that Guitar Hero had.  Because the idea has been used over and over again, players are going to be bored.  The entire has to be taken apart to the core and built back into something that the gaming community has not seen.

Much has changed for Call of Duty series.  Gone are the big battles that we were so familiar with in the World War II era, and in its place is futuristic warfare with exo-suits and drones.  World War II in gaming has seemingly disappeared off the consoles and are more notably seen in PCs.  Call of Duty 2 is something that needs to be experienced by every gamer.  Even if you’re a PS owner, this Xbox classic is a must have.

Check out below to see the trailer for this game!