Nexus X release date set for September 2015 at IFA

The Nexus 6 was not disappointing, per se, but it did come as a surprise for many Android fans. The new Nexus, which is being dubbed the Nexus X once again in the absence of an official term, is coming up fast and Google is already reportedly working with both LG and Huawei for its new line-up. According to our insider sources, Google has chosen Huawei to help make the new Nexus tablet and LG to make the new Nexus phone, which sounds very interesting.

There have been rumors flying around about Google and Huawei holding hands in the new Nexus X venture, but few were expecting to see both Huawei and LG jump aboard at the same time. Insiders are telling us that Huawei will manufacture the new Nexus tablet, which will supposedly be the Nexus 8 and it will be a compact 8 inch tablet that will try to replace the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 with a convertible form-factor.

It is rather odd to hear Google and Huawei working on the Nexus X, more so hearing that it’s actually a convertible 8 inch tablet. Microsoft, Asus, HP and Acer have all delved into the convertible industry, so it was sort of expected of Google to try and compete against the big boys. What other way of doing that if not through a new Nexus tablet? According to our sources, the Nexus X tablet will get an 8 inch high-res display, a magnetic keyboard included, a stylus and some neat productivity apps included. Our guess would be that Microsoft might just be on board with this, but at the moment, that sounds outrageous.

Since we’re talking outrageous, do not take our word for these rumors, as they can not be considered official. Although our sources are generally trustworthy, you should regardless take this piece of info about the Nexus X with a grain of salt until Google comes clean about what it’s planning to do. In the meantime, a convertible Nexus sounds rather interesting, doesn’t it?

Moving on to the actual Nexus X, the phone one made by LG, our sources don’t have as much information about that one readily available, but we did manage to get some hints about it. Reportedly, LG and Google are planning to make the Nexus X somewhat of a Galaxy Note competitor. We had heard previously about LG wanting to make their own note device, but it seems that Google got in on it and the two companies thought that it would be better for business to do this together. In consequence, if LG really turns out to be manufacturing the Nexus X, it will most likely get a Stylus, a QHD display, a high-end camera and a fingerprint reader.

When it comes to the Nexus X release date, whether of the tablet convertible variant or the note-taking smartphone variant, our source tells us that history will repeat itself mostly, and Google will showcase the two newcomers to its line-up at the IFA convention in September. Although we might see what the companies involved in the project are making in September, the actual release date for consumers will most likely fall to the end of October. We’re very curious to find out more about the Nexus X line-up and we’re eager to hear more from the three companies that are supposedly involved. Although these are just rumors right here, we are still hoping that there’s at least a bit of truth in them, if not all true. What would you recommend Google doing with the upcoming Nexus X line-up?