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Take a look at Verdun, the first WWI FPS

World War I, the pinnacle of trench warfare. For as long as the FPS genre has been around, shooters have ranged from World War II to battles in space. It was only until now that a PC developer brings a horror like this to life. Crafted with an authentic feel, players will find themselves charging across the front in what was deemed as “The Great War.”

The game has come a long way. After switching to several different game engines, Verdun has a crisp feel to it. The details are fantastic with the sounds of bullets whistling past your face and unique bullet drop that adds more to the authenticity of the shooter.

Verdun depends heavily on communication. Players are put into squads, and have to cross No Man’s Land into the enemy’s trench. It’s truly meant to represent the chaos that was trench warfare. Players will find themselves engaged in hand-to-hand combat, or running for cover as the ground is ripped apart.

The trailer of the game revealed a lot of the game play. Players can expect to choose different weapons (or classes), and equip gas masks to survive chemical attacks. Artillery strikes can also be called in, but what’s more important is the massive horde of players charging. As everything explodes around you, you can help but wonder if the people to your left, or right, survived the onslaught.

The game is expected to experience some updates. As the developers said in an article by Gamespot, “Over the course of the year, many good suggestions were made and put into the game. Whilst not every good suggestion made it in, we intend to add a few more in the near future.”

It’s amazing that developers have taken the time to flesh out a game reflecting trench warfare. In the past, it’s been an open slaughter pit with players running around knifing each other or camping in the corner. This game forces players to go out and fight. With the advanced bullet physics, you can say good bye to drop-shots and quick-scopes. Verdun offers originality and caution, bringing to life an engaging FPS.

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