Google Sky wants to bring all the devs to the yard

Google Sky is the new platform from the Mountain View giant that is destined for developers and it was announced today right next to Dart. Google Sky is a new platform for Android developers that will allow them to use Google’s own Dart web language to write their apps and games, in the true Google spirit. The Dart programming language was thought up by Google’s own engineers who sought to create a language that would offer developers more possibilities than JavaScript, for example. Google Sky is just a project right now, and it’s not exactly official nor available globally, but it will be soon.

Android developers working on Google Sky will be able to write their apps without using any Java lines, which can be beneficial for them as they can enable new features in their apps thanks to Dart. Thanks to the combination of Google Sky and Dart, developers will be able to send over the air updates to all their apps designed on the platform directly to the users of their apps, which is a considerable advantage. They will be able to do that by updating the apps’ code on their servers, so it’s easy. Moreover, Google Sky will provide access to all the APIs that one can think of when writing for Android.

One of the interesting features of Google Sky is that developers who work with the platform will have the option to publish their apps for different platforms, not just Android. iOS seems to be included in the mix, which would be very interesting for developers and iOS users, too. One of the benefits of Google Sky that is mentioned in the demo video you can see below is that the apps developers will create through the platform will be faster as the interface will be optimized. It looks like 120 fps will be the norm soon enough.

Since Google Sky is not yet final and it’s just in the project stage, the current version is pretty limited. Developers who choose to test it out will have to make sure they have a good internet connection. Since it’s just a demo, Google Sky is bound to evolve over time, so developers should keep an eye on it.