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Destiny Introduces Connection Recovery Mechanic

If you’re like me, you’re a huge fan of Destiny. I’ve dumped hundreds of hours on it, and I’ve done so relatively uninterrupted. Unfortunately, there are loads of players that are plagued with connection issues on a daily basis. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for me to want to play Destiny with my friend, and have them be entirely unable to play the game with me because they get disconnected every half-hour.

Well, in keeping with the general “We’re-solving-every-problem-in-the-known-universe” theme that Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves expansion has shown off so far, Bungie has come up with a solution. In Destiny’s last weekly update, it was revealed that a new “connection recovery” mechanic is going to be introduced to the game. This is going to allow recently disconnected Destiny players to be automatically brought back into the game, without being fully disconnected from the match.

While this isn’t a full patch to the network issues that have been such a problem in Destiny, it’s a camping blanket solution that ought to keep everybody happy while Bungie’s network team hammers away at the source of the issues. We all know what it’s like to be disconnected during an intense crucible match, and it’s awful. Hopefully with this bandage to Destiny’s server issues, we’ll be able to stay in the game a whole lot longer.

Destiny’s connection recovery mechanic is going to start off in the new “Trials of Osiris” game mode, and get some feedback before spreading to the rest of the game. While it’s a bit disappointing to have to wait for a comprehensive patch to these server issues, Bungie needs to start somewhere, and Destiny’s new hyper-competitive game mode sounds like the best place to start off. Every loss in Trials of Osiris counts against you severely, and being disconnected in the middle of a match would be a disaster. If we’re all good beta testers, and send our feedback off to Bungie, the Destiny community is going to be treated with something pretty useful.

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