Rock Band 4 – 2015 First 6 tracks

Rock Band 4 is one of next-gen’s music games set to release sometime this fall in competition with Guitar Hero Live. The game is set to allow players to play on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals – dropping the keyboard from prior iterations. It will be releasing on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Today Rock Band 4 has released their first set list of six songs to be included into the game as reported by IGN. They are as follows:

Now, for those of you who don’t see anything here that is quite to your taste. There will, of course, be more to come in future announcements. In addition to this, Rock Band 4 will be backwards compatible with almost all of your purchases from previous versions of the game – AND they’ll be added to your game at no additional cost. As a bit of fine print, this legacy content will only be available on Rock Band 4 once it has been released on next-gen systems; there may be a bit of a wait until you get all of your songs. So, upon release the game is set to have up to 2,000 songs, with future DLC to follow for the game after release. I’m unsure whether people will actually have bought the majority of this content in the past, but there will definitely be something there for everyone. To make this even better, Harmonix has actually gone back and enhanced its older songs with the help of fans. iDigitalTimes discusses how The Beatles: Rock Band introduced harmonies to their songs; with the help of fans, harmonies are now slowly being added to legacy content. This should enhance any of the older songs to the point that they feel new again.

Harmonix has set up a web page for people to sign up in order to receive a notification when the game becomes available for release. This may be prudent for fans who are hoping to get a hold of the game early due to rumours of a potential shortage of instruments. Hopefully to remedy this they will be able to release adapters for older-gen equipment. But for now, there is plenty for fans of Rock Band games to be excited about.