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iOS Spotlight: Fearless Fantasy

Fearless Fantasy, developed by Enter Skies and published by tinyBuild, came to Steam in May 2014. Today, tinyBuild released the game on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

At its core, Fearless Fantasy is an adventure RPG with turn-based combat. However, tinyBuild turns the traditional notion of turn-based combat on its head by incorporating gestures and touch-screen controls to each attack, skill, or defending move. This is probably the most important part of Fearless Fantasy – instead of just choosing an attack and waiting for a member of your party to carry it out, you’ll have to be actively involved in every part of the battle. Do you want to pull off a melee attack? Be ready to perform some perfectly timed swipes across your touch screen. Are you preparing to defend against an enemy? You’ll need to tap your screen at just the right time to get away with your life. As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself swiping, pausing, and tapping your way through countless waves of enemies to an extremely satisfying victory. The battle system is, in a way, reminiscent of the turn-based prompts in games like Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Though it’s definitely the most unique part of the game, there is more to Fearless Fantasy than just battling. The wonderfully strange story revolves around Leon, a bounty hunter controlled by the player. Leon is skilled at slaying the world’s strangest creatures. On this adventure, Leon sets out to save a girl from a terrible marriage. Along the way, Leon will discover strange creatures, unique environments, and cool items. The voice acting in the title is superb, and it’s great to see such heartfelt effort put into a mobile port of an already-published game. It’s clear that Enter Skies and tinyBuild put a lot of work into the iOS version of Fearless Fantasy, and it definitely paid off.

Many mobile games get boring or repetitive very quickly. There are a lot of games that I’ve downloaded that only spent a few days on my device. Fearless Fantasy is something different. With the bright and beautiful art, the excellent voice acting, the strangely addictive battle system, and a surprisingly interesting story, Fearless Fantasy is pure handheld RPG joy.

For just $3.99, you can download the game from the Apple App Store here. You can also grab it on Steam for $6.99 here. For a limited time, those who download the game on iOS will be able to receive a free tinyBuild Steam game by submitting a screenshot of the installed app’s icon to tinyBuild’s Facebook page. These games include Boid, Lovely Planet, No Time to Explain, and the Steam version of Fearless Fantasy.

Have you played Fearless Fantasy yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments and keep checking back with Load The Game for the latest in gaming news.


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