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Witcher 3 gets 1.03 patch on PC promising performance and stability improvements

It’s only been two days since the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has graced our consoles and PCs, and CDPR is fast at work trying to improve upon a game that, let’s face it, most of use are currently playing or planning on playing. A few minutes ago, CD Project Red released a new patch for the PC version, version 1.03, and promises to bring the patch to consoles as soon as possible. A Facebook comment on the developer’s official page answered one fan’s question regarding the patch’s availability on consoles, stating that “We are working on it. Should be available soon.”.

As it’s already available on the PC, we’ve already gotten it and are currently trying it out. CDPR states that the patch mostly focuses on stability issues with The Witcher 3 and tweaks performance, while also adding some additional graphics settings options. Thus far, we haven’t encountered a single game crash on our test rig, and users all around are mostly happy with stability, but some 700 series Nvidia users, as well as older AMD card users have mentioned occasional crashing, so hopefully this will solve those problems. We’re testing the patch right now, and are noticing slight framerate boosts, although nothing substantial. You can expect the patch to add a constant 3-4 FPS on Ultra settings, and possibly a bit more on lower settings and older hardware. Particularly, Nvidia Hairworks has been addressed, making it a lot less demanding. For those with older hardware, we still recommend keeping it disabled, but those that can spare the performance hit should at least be looking at a smaller impact as of now (at launch, fully active Hairworks could cost you 10 FPS or more when fighting creatures such as wolves).

In addition to performance and stability, there are some nice changes to gameplay and user interface too. First and foremost, one problem that some PC gamers were complaining about in The Witcher 3 is keyboard responsiveness. This is now addressed, and key inputs should feel a lot more responsive. Additional tweaks also touch up on the game’s UI, map, improve menu handling and solve issues with foliage and grass when users adjusted values manually via the game’s .cfg file.

The complete changelog can be found on The Witcher 3’s official page. If you’re playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC, make sure to get the latest update and let us know how it impacts the game for you.

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