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ODST has dropped onto Xbox One

Halo ODST Has Dropped Into Your Inbox

If you remember back to the launch of The Master Chief Collection you’ll probably rekindle memories of a game plagued by some serious issues in its rather rocky launch. As a thank you to players 343 Industries decided to release ODST as free DLC for the collection’s early adopters. But, back in December there was no information on the new content’s launch window.

Earlier this week Halo ODST appeared on the Xbox store with a release date set for May 29; exciting fans who had been awaiting the promised game since its announcement. Unfortunately the Halo twitter page quickly clarified things by revealing that the page had merely been a place holder on the website for its eventual release. Gamers were told that the game was still going through final testing and that once things were ready an official statement would be made. This was obviously a little upsetting for fans who were finally ready to get their hands on ODST. So, May 29th came and went and ODST remained absent.

It seems however, that 343 Industries were in fact almost ready to ship the game to consumers. Early this morning 343 followed through on their promise. For people who had been playing Halo between November 11th and December 19th, Bungie has sent you a message through Xbox messages with a code to redeem the game. For people who do not qualify for the free copy, Halo ODST is now listed on the Xbox One store for $5. If you’re unsure as to whether you qualify don’t buy the game until you’ve checked your Xbox messages! You may be eligible for the free copy.

To redeem the code log onto your Xbox and go to Xbox messages. If you’re eligible for the free content you should have a notification about the ODST campaign. If you select the message in this way it will provide you with an option to download the game with your code. After that, when you open the Halo Master Chief Collection you’ll find the new content hidden away under the Halo 3 Campaign sub-tab. Enjoy!

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