SOMA Release Date Revealed

Years ago, Amnesia: The Dark Descent hit the scene and revolutionized gaming as we knew it. YouTubers got their start playing it, and an entire dominating genre was born of reaction-heavy jumpscare games. While these titles often get a bad rap, only the ignorant would deny that Amnesia was a masterpiece of the genre, creating a truly horrifying experience from solid atmosphere and storytelling.

The studio  who created this smash hit, Frictional Games, is finally coming back to do it all over again. The studio revealed SOMA a long time ago with simple teaser videos (Some of the most effective kubrick-esque horror I’ve ever seen, just in that promotional material, I would strongly suggest watching.), and we’ve heard little about it since. Today, we received a confirmation of SOMA’s release date and platforms, along with a promising new gameplay clip.

SOMA is a  horror game set in an underwater robotics complex, featuring eerie artificial intelligences, and some HR Giger inspired artistic direction. With this new setting, Frictional seems to be making SOMA something that can create a philosophical backdrop, as well as the strong narrative that we came to expect after Amnesia. SOMA will be coming on September 22nd for PS4 and PC, so we’ll be able to experience the new entry to Frictional’s portfolio sooner rather than

This release comes much sooner than many expected, as SOMA has had serious information drought for some time. Being able to see it come so soon is sure to get any horror fan excited – especially those that love sci-fi settings. SOMA is going to scratch an itch that, in recent memory, only Alien: Isolation has been able to, offering us a genuine horror experience in a science fiction backdrop.

There are still plenty of questions to ask about SOMA. Who do we play as? What happened in this underwater installation? What is that robot chasing us around, and why can’t it mind its own business? I get the feeling that now that we’ve received an information drop of this caliber, we won’t get any information until the game rolls around in September. With any other title that would be depressing – but something about SOMA makes me want to go in with as little knowledge as possible. I’ll be anticipating this release along with most horror fans – let’s hope it makes good on its promises.

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