Premium Zeblaze smart watch for only $40 on GearBest

Today is the first day of Summer and we are already giddy with excitement about what novelties this warm season will bring this year. Many people are just now starting to realize that they would like to upgrade their lives with exercise, new clothes, new gadgets, new friends and new experiences. While we can’t help with experiences, we can help you get motivated for all these things with a simple recommendation: a smart watch.

Wearable technology is just taking off and early adopters are already wondering where this industry will lead to, as in its current state with hundreds of different smart watches already available, it’s looking rather promising. Today, in the spirit of Summer and new experiences, we would like to introduce you guys to the Zeblaze Rover premium smart watch.

Buy now for only $39.99 the ZeBlaze Rover from Gearbest.

Creating new memories and new goals are easy, but achieving these goals is where the effort is needed, and if you’re not yet familiar with the smart watch, it’s a great place to start. The Zeblase Rover is a toughened smart watch with a metal construction and a leather strap, which means that it will be able to handle all the stress of traveling and all the abuse that it will be going through while you’re living the time of your life.

The Apple Watch is en-vogue, but it also boasts with a massive price of $350 for the base model, which is a wee bit too expensive for a first time smart watch user. Which is why if you still want to have a premium experience and test how a smart watch could contribute to your quality of life, a cheaper watch like the Zeblaze Rover will certainly help you get a good idea about what this industry is about.

There are three big players in the smart watch industry: Android Wear, Tizen OS and of course, Apple. But we mustn’t forget about the small players, because they are the ones who offer very affordable smart watch technology, which comes in the benefit of multiple categories of people. Early adopters who would like to try out new technology and see how far a smart watch can actually go and those who haven’t committed to a wearable device yet.

For the $40 price that the Zeblase Rover smart watch holds, you’ll be getting a design inspired by the Apple Watch, complete with the digital crown element that many have said make the Apple Watch itself a more appealing technology. The Zeblase Rover uses key elements of premium design, such as a metal body, a rather large speaker and screen, the digital crown and a premium leather strap. With that design, you can pull off both the sophisticated tech enthusiast look as well as the laid-back person who still wants to be connected to the online world.

The Zeblase Rover smart watch comes equipped with all the tools and features that a smart watch needs, making this gadget as good a place as any to start testing out the smart watch and wearable waters of the industry. The watch is available in three colors, brown, orange and black, so you can pick the one that will go best with your daily outfits and lifestyle.

Probably the best feature of the Zeblase Rover, besides the rugged build, is its cross-platform compatibility. Whether you an iOS or Android user, you can try out the new smart watch with either of these mobile operating systems. Unlike Android Wear and Apple’s Watch OS, the software of the Zenblaze Rover smart watch can work with any smartphone, which makes it a must have accessory for early tech adopters. Moreover, its ergonomic design will not only let you wear it as a class wrist watch, but also clip it onto your clothes as a more hidden fitness tracker or connected device.

The smart watch boasts with a toughened OGS panel and a 8.8 mm thin case, which makes the device almost unnoticeable on your wrist or clipped to your clothes. You can go incognito with this and feel as though you are connected to everything you need, all the while staying mysterious about how you found out that Britney Spears is doing yet another collaboration with Iggy Azalea.

Fitness tracking is a key element that a smart watch needs to feature in order to be able to market itself as a fully connected device that will help your Summer self stay motivated and exercise, not just lay in the sun, sunbathing. The Zeblaze Rover has all that, as it comes with a pedometer, sleep tracking functions, sedentary reminder feature, proximity sensor, barometer and altimeter.

The Zeblaze Rover can function as a remote control for your smartphone camera, but it can also function as a notifications’ center that feeds you all your social media notifications, text messages and call information by using the Bluetooth connection it establishes with your phone. Although not waterproof, the Zeblase Rover smart watch is water resistant, which means that you can’t swim or shower with it, but you can take it out on a rainy day without worrying that it will suffer water-damage.

The sedentary reminder function is one of the most useful features of the Zeblaze Rover, because much like other smart watches from Apple or Samsung, it will remind you when you’re falling off the wagon and getting too lazy to keep your body in shape. We all need to focus more on our health, and that’s why the Zeblaze Rover will help you stay aware of your fitness state and goals and complete them in due time.

Another useful and practical feature that you get in the Zeblaze Rover is the proximity sensor system. The watch will send out audio and visual alerts when your smartphone is getting out of Bluetooth range, which means that in case someone is trying to lift your phone, you will know about it before they get away with it Moreover, the proximity sensor can also work as a find my phone system in case you misplace your phone in the office or at home.

Technical specifications of the Zeblaze Rover smart watch include a MTK 2501 CPU running the show, Bluetooth 4.0 handling all the notifications and pairing with your smartphone, a camera remote, music remote, Bluetooth call answering, sleep monitor, pedometer, altimeter, barometer, a 1.54 inch TFT display with a 240 x 240 resolution, a 250 mAh battery which will last for at least 4 days, a 1.73 inch rectangular dial, a 48 gram weight and measurements of 10.22 x 1.73 x 0.35 inches.

With the Zeblaze Rover, any early adopter or tech enthusiast can get a good idea about how the smart watch industry works and why such a wearable gadget can be considered a useful tool in improving your habits and your connected state. For the price of $39.99 on Gearbest, the Zeblaze Rover offers a seamless user experience with all the features that you may need, regardless of the mobile OS you are using on your smartphone.