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WB Announces LEGO Worlds – And You Can Play It Now

Just a few days ago, we put up an article predicting a Minecraft-like LEGO game. It just so happens that we were¬†right about that, as today WB Studios has announced the release of LEGO Worlds, a “fully open-world, creativity-driven game” that looks to be emulating Minecraft, complete with huge open worlds in several biomes, skeletons, and loads of blocks.

This announcement comes from a video by the WBGamesUK YouTube channel giving us a brief teaser of LEGO Worlds’ gameplay, showing off skydiving, combat, vehicles (horses, cars, and dragons. Wow.) and the world editor. There are a few things that aren’t entirely clear about the game in these early stages, such as whether or not we’ll be seeing a survival mode (Something that might not mesh well with the LEGO theme), with crafting these larger components out of raw materials. The way the game looks right now suggests that we may just be selecting things out of a large world editor and jumping straight into the action, which has its own merits.

It just so happens that we won’t have to do much speculation about what this new LEGO game is like, because it’s out right now on Steam Early Access. Normally, a company like WB wouldn’t have any excuse to use the Early Access system in this way, but going by the pure lack of experience they have in this genre, they might just need to open themselves up to feedback on Steam. If you like, you can pick it up for $15 and give it a try, offering WB and TT games some feedback about this new leap into this brave new world.

On LEGO Worlds’ steam page, the details are pretty sparse. The game is described as “a galaxy of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models,” and entices us with the promise of going to several different LEGO “Worlds”, each with different themes around them. This undoubtedly sprouts from the concepts brought about in the LEGO movie, which had its main characters run from world to world seeing environments from the Western era, modern era, pirates, sci-fi, etc. The Steam page also mentions uncovering treasures, using a “brick-by-brick” editor, character customization, and the use of real-life LEGO sets. All in all, it seems like it could be an interesting package. Let’s hope that WB can make something of it.

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