Prima Games absorbs Bradygames

For those who like physical game guides, Prima Games and Bradygames are some of the more recognizable publishers of game guides. As of today however, Bradygames is now part of Prima Games, both of which in turn are now owned by Penguin Random House. Attempting to visit will result in you being given a notification that all Bradygames content will now be found on, and will now be mentioned as a source in BradyGames guides. Any accounts that have been made on will be ported over to, and a coupon code will be offered as a kind of a welcome gift.

In addition to physical guides, PrimaGames will continue to offer free tips and walkthroughs on their website, though whether or not they can compete with the free walkthroughs provided by various things on the internet these days like Youtube videos, game wikis, and forums is a whole other issue. Of course, people who like collecting game memorabilia may still want to purchase physical guides, and the physical guides have historically offered things that most people on the internet cant or wont provide like maps and exact numbers regarding game mechanics, but whether or not that is worth the price tag is up to you.

It is possible that this move is in response to the growing availability of easily accessible and often high quality guides that are available on the internet, which has lately all but replaced physical guides, but whether or not this is true is up to conjecture. The relative ease of getting video capture equipment and the popularity of video streaming services like Twitch could also have contributed to the disappearance of physical game guides. After all, free advice, even if it might not necessarily be correct, is usually more popular than advice that you have to pay for.