Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons coming to current gen

This holiday season, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as mobile devices like Android, iOS, and Windows phones. According to IGN, the remastered version will include “a director’s commentary mode, soundtrack, and a gallery of concept art”. Minor spoilers ahead: Taking place in a fantasy inspired world filled with giants, trolls, and griffons, Brothers follows the journey that two brothers embark on after their mother drowns in front of the younger brother and their father becomes grievously ill: end of spoilers here.

Originally released in 2013 (and subsequently offered as free games for both Xbox Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus for a month each),  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a story based platformer with puzzle elements where you control two characters, each bound to their own analog stick. What this means in game is that your left thumbstick and shoulder buttons will control the older brother while your right thumbstick and shoulder buttons will control the younger brother. To differentiate the two even more, the older brother in blue can lift objects that the younger brother in orange cannot, at the cost of not being able to fit in places that the younger can squeeze through. In essence, it is a co-op game where your partner is yourself.

Upon release, it was praised for its story and visuals as well as its unique control scheme. However it was a rather short game, usually taking around 4 hours to complete the game in its entirety, including any achievements that came with the last gen version. The story was also somewhat open to interpretation, as the characters speak in a made up language, and the game lacks replayability as a result of its story driven nature.