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Facebook launches Moments today

One great aspect of social media giant Facebook is having all the photos of you and your friends in place. Unfortunately, you don’t always get all of the photos you want. Whether it’s party photos that you were never tagged in or smaller get togethers and the pics just never saw the light of day. Facebook wants to make it even easier than they did in the first place to have pictures of you and your friends organized together with simple access.

Introducing A new standalone app called Moments. Connecting to your Facebook account and looking at your list of friends, the app uses facial recognition to put a name to every face in your camera roll. Every one of your friends who was at the same party or hangout can all share their pictures on the Moments app and everyone who was there and in the pictures will be tagged automatically. Moments will organize all pictures based on certain events and on who is in them, keeping them private until you decide to share them on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media apps. Sometimes friends can’t always be trusted to share the photos they say they will or sometimes they just forget. The idea is to not have to take the same photo on everyone’s camera so they can have a copy.


There is some skepticism surrounding Moments. It’s unclear how well the facial recognition will work. Also, if your friends are bad at sharing photos with you, what makes you so sure they will share them on this app right away? Launching today, Moments will have to prove itself as a useful tool for the consumer.


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