Ghost Recon: Wildlands announced at E3

In a departure from the usual Ghost Recon settings where you and your team of highly armed soldiers are fighting a hostile nation, a new Ghost Recon has been debuted that has you and your team of highly armed soldiers fighting a very hostile crime organization that involves cocaine. Judging by the pre-Alpha gameplay trailer, you can choose between multiple options to complete your tasks, whether you want to take a stealthy approach, or a heavily armed guns a blazing approach with drones and light machine guns.

In the scenario shown off at the press event, the team has to kill a drug leader dubbed White Hat, who has set up a base of operations somewhere in Mexico, though your tasks can apparently take you all around the world with various targets that have various kill or capture conditions placed on them.

Similar to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, you move around and take cover in third person, while aiming is done in first person. However, there is an open world aspect to the game, where you can use things like cars, boats, and helicopters to travel around wherever your adventures take you whether it be the deserts of Mexico, jungles, urban environments at night, or snow capped mountains.