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For Honor, Ubisoft’s new IP, debuting at E3

If youve ever wanted to play out those “What if?” scenarios involving the question of who would win in an all out battle between knights, samurai, and Vikings, then For Honor might pique your interest. Similar to the Steam game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, combat appears to be based more on technique rather than being able to mash certain buttons faster than the other person. However, the game uses a third person camera, which may make certain playstyles more difficult to pull off (i.e. sneaky backstabbers), and it appears to be slightly more forgiving, as a single good slash doesnt result in instant dismemberment.

Bots will be featured, though they are of the trash mob variety similar to Titanfall, where they can conceivably kill you, but they are more concerned with killing the bots on the other team. This means that you can spend more time trying to kill the human players on the other team, or at least making your character taunt them. Keep in mind though that everyone can be decapitated, even you, so it is probably for the best to keep an eye on everyone on the field, especially since theres no rule against having enemies outnumber you.

So far, it appears as though there are team colors, where your armor and such will be forced to be a certain color to match up with the rest of the members of your team. While somewhat immersion breaking, it is assumed that if youre getting the game to lop off some heads then the color of the armor doesnt really matter in the long run.

At a stage demo during Rooster Teeth’s coverage at E3, it is revealed that like Chivalry, where you fight matters. For example, fighting in a hallway will make it harder for you to do sideway swings as your weapon will simply clang on the sides. Furthermore, all the factions have the same basic classes which you can customize the appearance of, but the classes will have some slight differences between factions. The Oni of the samurai faction for example are slightly less protected, but are also slightly faster and capable of dealing slightly more damage. Different gamemodes will of course make an appearance, one of which is a score based gamemode where kills of all kinds will contribute to the score, as well as capturing zones. If the game is tied at the end, a no respawn deathmatch tiebreaker scenario will occur.

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