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Range Rover prototype is drivable by smartphone

Range Rover is taking us closer to the future we have seen in movies. They may not have built a flying car or one that can travel through time, but they have come closer to creating an autonomously driving vehicle. You’ll think that the engineers at Range Rover are playing with a toy when you see their latest prototype in action.

The vehicle Range Rover UK has developed is completely drivable while outside of the car. Through the use of a smartphone app with a wheel and buttons, the sevice gives you complete control as if you were in the front seat. Steering, throttle, and brakes all at that hands of your smart phone with great precision. They have even built an autonomous mode that will use multiple points to turn the car around 180 degrees with a single push of a button.


Although it may seem like a remote control car for adults, there’s no pulling donuts and in the street. The smartphone app only works within ten feet from the car. The fastest the car will go is only 4 mph as well. These are most likely safety precautions that are definitely a good idea.

While the public has no access to this prototype as of now, it is great to see Range Rover moving in that direction. Besides safety, they have already stated that their main concern is security. If a public vehicle could be driven by a smartphone on the outside, hackers could be a potential threat to walk away with your car behind them. We’ll have to wait for more development as Range Rover gets closer having us go from A to B in our cars while keeping our eyes shut.

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