The REQ system in Halo 5 is practically the greatest thing ever

At some point in gaming history, it was decided that randomized rewards would encourage people to invest more time into certain games. Soon after, microtransactions were tied to the randomized rewards, drawing a fine line between gambling and gaming.

Halo 5 is the latest game to follow this trend with it’s REQ system, letting you earn cosmetic items and more importantly, weapons and vehicles to use in the new Warzone gamemode. Of course, you can earn these REQ packs through normal gameplay, taking roughly two to five full Warzone matches to earn enough in-game money to buy the more enticing REQ packs.

Time to strike fear into the the hearts of your enemies with every useful itemĀ in the game

And like any other system that offers randomized rewards, there is absolutely nothing infuriating about the REQ system at all. After all, who doesn’t want to receive a REQ pack full of Mongooses so that they can ponder about what the plural of Mongoose is? Besides, there are guaranteed, permanent, unlocks that come with the more expensive REQ packs along with unlocks that make it more likely to receive certain items in future REQ packs (such as even more Mongooses or SAWs).

Reach rank 19, open several dozen REQ packs, and receive every gun ever aside from the one gun that would perform well in the large maps of Warzone

Alternatively, your friend (and every other person in the world) could get incredibly lucky and receive an endless stream of Scorpion tanks and sniper rifles. As they say, nothing makes you appreciate what you have better than constantly getting shot in the face by what you want.


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