What can we learn from Fallout 4’s launch trailer?

With just a handful of days left until Fallout 4’s release, Bethesda released their launch trailer which coincidentally appears to have a significant amount of the story outlined in it. If it were any other game, it would be approaching borderline spoiler territory, but given the nature of Fallout 4, it is likely that there are still some secrets that we will have to discover for ourselves when the game comes out.

As per usual in most Fallout games, you start off as a former Vault Dweller who leaves the safety of their Vault
“Would you risk your life for your fellow man, even if that man is a synth?” is a question only a member of the Railroad¬†would ask
Unlike the last 2 games in the series, the Brotherhood of Steel is no longer in hiding as a more passive force. Instead, they will be operating from their mobile airbase, the Prydwen
At least one Ghoul thinks that Synths are below even the Ghouls’ social status
Even “those tools in Diamond City” fear the Synths
Possibly one of the more neutral parties in the war against Synths, the Minutemen. Also, an old lady in the background who appears later on in the trailer
Out of time but not lost, cryptic much?
The sign of the Railroad, the few who are trying to help Synths rather than blow them up
If you want to put nails and spikes on your Minigun, go ahead, it is Fallout after all and there have been stranger weapons

So what does all this mean?

Throughout the Commonwealth, people are afraid of the Synths that were produced by (and likely broke out from) the Institute, and with good reason: Synths are essentially extremely advanced robots that are almost indistinguishable from humans. Even the Brotherhood of Steel, which views Pre-War technology with a religious fervor, is launching a massive campaign to destroy the Institute.

The Railroad stands in direct opposition to the Brotherhood and almost every other faction by offering to help Synths, recognizing them as no different from real people who just want to survive. However, this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily allied with the Institute, which uses it’s creations as slaves. Judging by how (relatively) passive and well hidden the Institute is, at the very least it appears as though the Synths aren’t out to murder humans like everyone fears.

This is likely where you come in. Will you help the Synths out of their shackles? Or will you aid the Brotherhood of Steel destroy what could be the greatest threat to humanity since the atomic bomb?

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