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An iPhone is indeed considered as a superior class of smartphones. No matter how successful Android phones become but the logo of Apple has a totally different effect on anyone using it. Teenagers love an iPhone dearly and they spend unnecessary time on it every single day. This excessive usage of an iPhone is a cause of concern for parents and they need something to control this habit of their kids. Well, a cell phone spying software for iPhone of your kids by the name of Xnspy is perfectly suited to your needs.

A Strong Software:

Xnspy is one of the strongest phone monitoring software out in the world at the moment. This software is very little in size and it takes very less time to get downloaded inside the cell phone of your child. IPhone models with an operating system of iOS 6.0 or higher are seen to work perfectly with this monitoring app. This includes all iPhone models up to iPhone 6 Plus.

Start Your Journey:

You don’t need to worry about any feature of your child’s cell phone getting disturbed during or after its installation. To start your journey with Xnspy, you need to sign-up for an account with them first. Download Xnspy in your kid’s cell phone after this. Use the help of your log-in details to enter you member’s area and gain unlimited access to all the data that is stored inside the cell phone of your child.

SMS Messages And Contact Details:

Use Xnspy and gain access to all the SMS messages of your kids. All the messages present in the Sent Box, Drafts and Inbox of your kid’s cell phone are shown to you with the help of this monitoring software. With Xnspy’s help, parents may even access complete details of all the contact numbers that are stored inside their kid’s cell phone.

Call Logs:

Call logs of all the calls dialed and received on the iPhone of children are shown to parents with Xnspy’s help. Complete duration and precise time of every single call is part of these records and parents may even record any call if they wish to.

The GPS Tracker:

Keeping a know-how of your kids is extremely important and keeping them safe is more important. Using the Geo Location feature of this app, you shall find out where your kids are, at whatever time you wish to know about them. The Geo fencing feature is an addition in this category and this feature helps you mark safe and danger areas which your kids can or cannot breach. Whenever your child enters or leaves any of these restricted areas, you will be alerted about it instantly.


A Cool Assistant:

All the concerns of parents will be blown away once they use the help of a cell phone spying software for iPhone of their kids. Now parents don’t need to worry anymore and simply leave Xnspy to assist them in their parenting techniques.

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