How To: Host your own screening of Lazer Team

One of the major questions that Rooster Teeth fans had regarding Lazer Team was, “What if my local theater isn’t showing the movie?” Sure, you could watch it on YouTube Red, but you can’t exactly have the same movie-going experience with your friends if it’s in your living room.

This image practically yells “Come on, you know you want to see it in a theater”

Thanks to a company called Tugg, “a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings in theaters across the country”, you can host your own screening of Lazer Team. Just go to and select the “Screenings” option. This will let you look for any Tugg affiliated theaters that are showing Lazer Team as long as you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.

If none exist, click on the “Host A Film Event” button. This will let you host your own screening of Lazer Team at a location that is convenient for you. Such screenings will also feature “exclusive” footage, and if you buy tickets through Tugg for screenings on January 27 or 28, you will receive a code for a 25% discount at the Rooster Teeth store and access to special Lazer Team merchandise. 

The form that Tugg wants you to fill out. Fairly basic, all things considered

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to hosting your own screening. The Tugg FAQ states that you can only select dates that fall between Mondays and Thursdays. Furthermore, Lazer Team premieres on January 27th, a Wednesday, but the Tugg FAQ also states that the soonest that you can host a screening is the 28th.

You will have to coordinate with Tugg (and by extension, the theater of your choosing), and you will have to sell at least 40 tickets to your screening for Tugg to actually let you host Lazer Team. Tickets cannot be bought at the theater, and they have to be purchased through Tugg’s event page. This does mean that you will have to do the majority of the promotion for your screening.

They even have a “walkthrough” on how to promote your event, even if some of the methods are somewhat obvious

This may seem daunting, but at least no one is charged unless the screening actually occurs. Furthermore, the Tugg FAQ states that “All events will be posted on the Lazer Team website for fans to locate tickets.” Keep in mind that even if you manage to get the required audience, you may have to wait weeks for Tugg and the theater to work out the logistics, so plan accordingly.

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