343 Industries teases what’s to come in Halo 5: Guardians’ January update

If you’ve been playing Halo 5: Guardians lately, you may have noticed that every once in a while, some new maps, weapons, and vehicles are added to the game. The month of January will be no different, with 343 Industries stating that their next free content update, dubbed Infinity’s Armory, will be arriving sometime near the end of the month.

As the name implies, you can expect to find new armor sets, weapons, and weapons skins diluting the REQ library to make it even harder to get that one item you really want (such as the DMR).

On the bright side, new maps are coming, including one that appears to take place in what can only be described as a massive greenhouse of the future.

Looks like a great place to have simulated combat. After all, the simulated corpses won’t have to be carried far for disposal

Some behind the scenes changes are happening too, including a buff to the amount of REQ points that you receive from playing the Team Arena playlist. You can also expect to receive more than double the XP you currently get from participating in the featured playlist, and Forge aficionados can rejoice knowing that you can now save 100 maps and 100 custom game modes compared to the previous limit of 40.

By 2557, it’s the only sport known to mankind

Classic gametypes are going to make a reappearance in Halo 5 as well, including Fiesta (randomized weapon spawns) and Grifball (imagine a sport that combines American football, soccer, and Gravity Hammers, but in space), although they will be coming at a later date.

New Oddball maybe?

Some new community made gametypes and maps and remakes of classic Halo maps will also be making an appearance, but 343 Industries was not specific about which maps to look forward to.

Gee, what can possibly be on the other side of the room that you would need a Sniper Rifle to see?
Sure, it’s not exactly the same as The Pit, but at least Blue Team will be happy, given the color scheme

However, they did heavily imply that community remakes of Ivory Tower and The Pit may come back, although the latter may appear in the Breakout playlist.