Fallout 4’s Super-Survival mode will feature dehydration, starvation, and defecation

Originally, Fallout 4’s Survival difficulty simply modifies how much damage your enemies can do and receive; a fairly primitive method of making a game more difficult. Soon, Survival difficulty will be revamped entirely so that you won’t simply have to deal with shooting someone a bit more to kill them.

And in the near future, Super-Survival mode will push the boundaries of realism by making you deal with all of the other bodily functions that normally don’t make an appearance in games.

Toilets will be the new commodity of the wastes

Thought that having to walk all around the Commonwealth was tough enough in regular Survival mode? Think again, because in Super-Survival mode, you will have to take periodic breaks and sit down to deal with things like calluses, sore feet, trench foot, long nails, and more. Experience the joys of living in a post-nuclear warfare world by battling evolved acne (which drastically reduces your Charisma), leprosy, and spontaneous hair loss and or growth.

Meet the toilet, your soon-to-be new human waste unit, storage unit, and drinking utility all in one

Furthermore, since you will find yourself having to eat strange things that you ignored on lower difficulties to stave off hunger, your character will have to urinate and defecate, unless you want to deal with the natural drawbacks of ignoring the human body. While the specifics of such a mechanic are still being tweaked, Bethesda is confident that bringing more realism to Fallout 4 will improve your gameplay experience greatly.

“Taken together, it creates a Fallout experience unlike before. You feel the wasteland,” said Todd Howard, the Game Director at Bethesda.

Feel the wasteland. FEEL IT!

Given that the world has been obliterated, walking around the Commonwealth will not be as easy as it was in regular Survival mode. Instead, your character will trip, and unless they are wearing an enclosed helmet, they might even end up with dirt in their mouth.

Stay out in the rain too long, and your character will get a cold. Run all over the place in Power Armor, and you will suffer from heatstroke and begin hallucinating. Stand still for too long, and you will get bored, drastically increasing your need to sleep. These exciting gameplay changes and more will come soon to Fallout 4 in Super-Survival mode, with an expected release date of October 23, 2077.

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