UPS Delivery Flying Drones?

Recently a UPS drone has been spotted flying 3 miles dropping a asthma inhaler to a summer camp on a island in the Atlantic. While this is not new technology, as amazon and other company’s have carried heavier items further and for longer than eight minutes. The trial was a test drive by UPS with the intent for a drone that provides a speedy personalized service. UPS have partnered with CyPhy, a Massachusetts drone based company. UPS, the absolute giant shipping network have reportedly put a $22 million funding into this technology. The CyPhy UPS drone was giving the ridiculously tongue twisting name, “Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications drone,” try saying that 10 times over. If you don’t want to say that just call it PARC for short. It was autonomous for the flight navigating via the built in GPS’. The PARC has a high resolution thermal imaging and target tracking capability’s. It also contains TWO GPS’ units just in case one fails the other one is in place. As well as 6 rotors, antenna and communications systems just in place if one goes down. The battery on the current models only lasts 40 minutes so only shorter flights are available.

Will this become public?

Most probably, but not yet, it may be public within the far future but for the moment it is mainly built for emergencies and short flights. Amazons Prime Air is most likely to be public before this service is. If this service does become public it should allow normal everyday people to get things sent, and delivered in fast, easy and effective ways.

So now these drones allow us gamers to be even more lazy and get our favorite games dropped into our own front yard instead of having to go out and buy them. Also if someone you know has bad asthma and is coming round without a pump in sight, get one delivered quick and easy.

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