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stardew valley update october 3

The beloved Stardew Valley gets gigantic update today!

Developed by the developer ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish Games (The team that developed Starbound and published Risk of Rain), Stardew Valley was one of the biggest surprises of the year, a Harvest Moon-inspired farming simulator that silently released on February to positive critical reception but it was also completely embraced by the gaming community, with 400’000 copies sold in two weeks. Since then, unlike other developers, ConcernedApe has focused on making the game a bigger and better experience with updates and announcements regarding the game (like console ports or co-op). And after months of developing its biggest update yet, Stardew Valley will finally get its 1.1 update today, October 3rd.

This update promises to add all kinds of new content, with the biggest change being the possibility to choose between different farms at the start of the game: the fish-focused Riverland Farm, the foraging focused Forest Farm, the mining based Hill-Top Farm (I hope it includes blue hedgehogs), and the Wilderness Farm spawns Bats and Golems at night. That alone will make thousands of players begin a new farm to start anew and sink over 50 hours on it, but theres also a plethora of new items, including coffee beans and a catalogue to buy wallpaper and flooring from the player’s home. Marriage with Shane and Emily is also now possible, and lastly (and if you lack a soul) you can divorce your character from its wife or husband and watch them sadly say goodbye to each, to say that a deppresing event would be an understatement.

Its nice to see a good game like Stardew Valley get support after already being a commercial success, and with the promise of even more things added soon, it looks like the game’s popularity will last for quite a while.

For more details about the update click on the following link:


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