Office Suite apps. The Top 5 for android 2016

Here is a definitive list of the best free office apps available on android.

With proliferating technological advances, coupled with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, a dramatic shift in the way we interact with software has been cultivated. Now the focus of advancing the more traditional ways of accessing our desktop, or laptop from the home is being replaced in favor of smartphone or tablet applications which can be accessed effortlessly on the move. These aim to provide a slick interface with easy navigation, determined to emulate the desktop versions, in order to gain control of the rapid increase in app popularity.

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut, with the boss breathing down your neck, contemplating which office suite is suitable for your laborious task management, then you have come to the right place folks. I have spent considerable hours deciding which are the best free office suites available on the google play store, and have compiled a list of the top 5 candidates which I believe cut the mustard.

I looked at the overall experience, as well as the accessibility of the interface. I also took into consideration the fluidity of word processing, and the quality of the spreadsheet and presentation applications.

So here goes.. Fasten your seat-belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Microsoft word

Microsoft word for android has been specifically designed to facilitate for single handed controls, meaning no mouse or keyboard is necessary. All the controls can be accessed at the bottom of the screen which is pretty handy on the go.

Another plus is that the application automatically syncs to your cloud storage, so you can be assured that your docs will be stored safely and securely.

The app also offers a vast range of templates to save you the bother of trawling through menus to reach your destination. The familiarity of the layout, synonymous with microsoft lovers, means you will grasp the interface navigation almost instantly.

Menu options are cleared marked to allow for stress free roaming, and familiar features from the office suite are still available here such as inserting, charts, tables, formulas and images.

One of the setbacks is that you can only access this app, with a screen ratio of 10.1 inches or smaller. Not to mention the app itself incurs a hefty slice of memory. So keep this in mind.

For the full word experience you will have to upgrade to the office 365 subscription.

Well polished office interface with simple tab layout.

Google Docs

Google docs offers a streamlined, well polished interface, with easy accessibility. As a free app it succeeds in delivering some handy, worthwhile features.

Long gone are the days of losing your work over a power cut and weeping into a bucket. With google docs your work automatically saves as you type. Meaning all amendments are accounted for.

Another neat feature is that you can access, alter and save Microsoft word documents, and you can work offline without the need of an internet connection. Also you can edit docs from another device. It was also pleasing to see some radical bug fixes and improvements to overall performance.

I was most impressed with the liberty to share your documents, and collaborate with others. This offers the unique ability to allow permission for others to make alterations to your content.

If you’re looking for an app to cater for simple editing needs and you’re already with the google enterprise, then this is the app for you.

WPS Office

WPS office aims to provide an all-in one free office suite with typical features such as creating, editing and viewing documents in an easily accessible way, and succeeds in the most part, in doing so.

This app connects to your iCloud, and even integrates to your Evernote. This allows you to access documents from your online storage locations such as Onedrive or DropBox.

WPS Office Is also compatible with Microsoft Office, and dishes up the regular spreadsheet, document and presentation formats in a professional, user friendly manner.

WPS Office provides a tidy and easy to use interface and will be pleasantly familiar to desktop users, without the burden of various desktop limitations.

When writing documents you have the aid of a spell check feature, and inserting images is simple and hassle free. It also supports any file format, and can read any PDF file, with the option to convert if you desire.

All in all this app has a well structured, slick accessible interface. WPS Office encourages file sharing and offers a quick and efficient solution for solving all your on the go office conundrums. There are plenty of other paid Office Suites which offer a more complete package, but for basic editing needs you can’t go wrong with WPS Office.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is another well-designed app with decent integrated features. The synchronization between desktop and mobile document management, and iCloud compatibility, is excellent.

The editing and viewing software is refined and nicely polished, and provides useful features such as an easy to grasp insert function for images, graphs, shapes etc.

The tools available are accessible and user friendly. These provide some exclusive task operations which were refreshing to see for a free app. Of course if you want the full experience, you will have to upgrade to premium which offers increased iCloud storage and PDF export, among other options.

Other notable features include free use of the app, without having to create an account. It also boasts a strong level of compatibility in creating and editing, supporting document formats such as Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Google Docs and adobe PDF.

Polaris doesn’t particularly stand out from the crowd, but it does offer a satisfactory alternative to the big cats, without the off-putting price tag.

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Office Suite is the most downloaded office app on google play, and has won many coveted “editors choice” awards. With Office suite you will find a user-compatible interface that runs comparatively well to a desktop suite. It offers tools and similar editing elements found in other android office apps. However it manages to make the experience an enjoyable one, promoting simple productivity and competent task management.

In terms of features, it offers many tools familiar to regular office suite users. A prime example of this is the full compatibility with Microsoft formats, and key proponents like sharing via cloud access.

It also supports PDF files and is integrated to file commander to provide instant access to local files stored on your device. For editing needs and file management, this is an excellent choice and overall the experience was a satisfactory one.


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