PlayStation 3 Class-Action Lawsuit Settled

A class-action lawsuit involving the original PlayStation 3 model has been settled, according to close sources. The lawsuit was filed recently due to the removal of the “Other OS” option that was featured in the first edition of the PlayStation 3. The “Other OS” feature allowed owners of the console to install and use an operating system besides the proprietary one, but the feature was removed via a system update in April 2010. Later versions of the PlayStation 3 did not come with “Other OS” option.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America admits no fault in the case, but nevertheless agreed to settle the lawsuit. U.S. residents that purchased the original model of the PlayStation 3 between November 1, 2006 and April 10, 2010 is eligible for a settlement amount. If the purchaser is able to prove that he or she used the “Other OS” feature before its removal, the settlement amount is $55. Otherwise, the payment amount is $9 for any purchasers who claim that they intended to use “Other OS” (even if they never actually used it) or if they simply felt that the PlayStation 3 lost value as a result of the feature being removed. Of course, any PlayStation 3 owner included in this class-action lawsuit can choose to be excluded and sue Sony independently; there is also the option to reject the settlement while still claiming payment.

Those included in the lawsuit have until December 7 to claim their settlement amount, and the final approval hearing will be held on January 24, 2017. The form to claim the settlement amount can be found on this website.