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Top 5 Shooters for Android 2016


Come Get your military grade, adrenaline fueled trigger happy kicks with our top 5 Android shooters. Its guns galore!

Forget forking out Hefty sums of cash for A+++ Console codswallop. Android games offer instant gratification at the touch of a button, can be experienced on the go in the seemingly hectic, frenetic lifestyle of modern times, and seamlessly fuse smooth, crisp mechanics with arcade styled addictive game play reminiscent of the glory days of handheld consoles. Who doesn’t want to whittle away the hours donning a bandanna, and notching up a colossal Rambo style kill count.. Oh just me then. If you hadn’t already guessed from my freakish mass genocidal fantasies, what’s coming is your definitive, comprehensive list of the Top 5 Shoot-em-ups for Android in 2016. Focusing on the free games available on the market.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead trigger 2 is a fast paced, apocalyptic survival thriller in which an epidemic has consumed the planet, resulting in a horrifying zombie outbreak of epic proportions. With Millions of flesh eating monsters roaming the abandoned streets, You must harvest all you energy, muster your strength, and send these fiendish feral ghouls back to the afterlife, with a dose of  gun slinging, bad-ass street  justice. Hooora.

At your disposal is a plethora of high powered weapons to help mow these mothers down like flesh-rotting cannon-fodder, and additional weapons can be unlocked, to add to the carnage and bedlam such as a Gatling-gun or chainsaw.

There is something sickeningly satisfying about shredding wave after wave after wave of these blood thirsty goons and cleansing the planet.

The game also boasts some of the most sumptuous, scintillating graphics available on the Android arena to date, but these are further maximized by playing on a NVIDIA-powered device, With noticeable enhancements in the lag free, streamlined physics and Rich, resplendent lighting.

Be warned, this game is highly addictive and issues repugnant rewards. There is enough content here to keep you hooked and entertained for many hours, and the best news is, It’s completely free. If you are in dire need of a bloodthirsty rampage of terror, this is the game for you.

Hardcore shooter action

If you fancy a trial, the game can be downloaded from the play store


Following on from the zombie theme, Unkilled is the latest installment from madfinger games company for Android, and offers up an adrenaline injected, fast and furious joyride of death.

Unkilled delivers frantic, tumultuous gun slinging glory, and is anchored by exceptional graphics, and astute attention to detail. For an Android game, the special effects are first rate, and it manages to harvest an intense and frantic experience. The graphics are hyper- realistic and help to immerse you in the game.

There is plenty of content hear to keep you buckled in, with over 300 missions to sink your teeth into. It’s hard not relish annihilating a blood sucking army of red-eyed somnambulist freak jobs whilst being immersed in impressive high resolution graphics and addictive game-play, this is a truly unmissable FPS shooter.

Again the experience is heightened when playing on a NVIDIA device, so optimize if you can.

Deer Hunter 2016

Straying from the zombie infested apocalyptic worlds of dead ringer 2 and unkilled, Deer Hunter offers an entirely different gun wielding experience. Here you must showcase your hunting credentials, aiming down the barrel of a gun and picking off ‘‘big game’’ whilst rambling through the picturesque environments, and stunning scenery. On your escapades you must construct a hunting station, and hone your skills effectively, surrounded by mother nature in all her regal finery.

It’s strange how exhilarating and exciting this shooter can be, stalking the elusive beast which will leave all your hunting aficionados green with envy.

You have the opportunity to hunt all over the world, with an array of exotic animals to track.

It’s not just limited to high powered rifles though, you can also go old-school and equip a bow to hunt your prey if this takes your fancy. This shooter showcases some exquisite graphics and incredibly dynamic shooting which is very addictive and highly contagious, soon your friends will be comparing skills and battling it out to reign supreme.

Fields Of Battle

Fields of battle is a unique, fast paced shooter romp that exhibits excellent game-play physics and ground breaking motion. You have the capabilities the hurl yourself to the deck, slide, lob grenades and use cover to avoid being peppered with multi colored pellets. Sorry I neglected to mention.. It’s actually a paintball shooter. Maybe that’s how Joseph got his dream-coat??

There are no grizzly bears or ghouls to exterminate in this shooter, just the use of cunning evasive tactics and espionage to complete each stage.

The action is exhilarating, addictive and fun, and guaranteed to provide a challenge.

Fields of battle is free to download, but keen apostles may be enticed by the in app purchases available to buy, such as various weapon and gear upgrades.

The one hit policy which emulates real life paintball, assures some tense thrilling moments, so give this game a whirl and get trigger happy with a harmless frolic in the field.

Modern Warfare 4: Zero Hour

If you still have an itchy trigger finger after reading about all these shooters, then you’re probably a sadistic whack-job, and are grinning with dreadful optimism for my last listing. Don’t worry, We’re going out on a high with this shooter. Modern warfare 4: Zero Hour is a game developed by the acclaimed Gameloft, and is as close to a console replica as you’re ever likely to get on Android. With a titanic amount of weapons in your arsenal, and graphics that will cause you to have an appreciative seizure, This shooter will undeniably provide perpetual fun and entertainment for all you gun crazy lunatics out there.

This shooter is surprisingly user friendly for mobile go-ers with built in controls to allow for non-restrictive and frustration-free gameplay. Also on offer is a frenetic, hyperactive, multiplayer mode to indulge in, and a solo player campaign.

The visually stunning console-esque graphics and special effects are up there with some of the best, and are reason alone to to give this carnage driven gun-fest a try. It really is raining bullets!

Shooter anarchy http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iOXM-QCfxN8/Ub4QaSNhkuI/AAAAAAAAAA8/UduZhy4OYdI/s1600/Modern-Combat-4-Zero-Hour-Switch-to-Handgun.png
The cohesion of smooth polished graphics, and enthralling gameplay.

If you have any shooter gems that left you thirsty for blood? Or you decided to hang up your shooting boots to become a peace- preaching Buddhist monk? We would love to hear from you.

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