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Chronicle: Runescape Legends Update

Chronicle: Runescape Legends was an interesting addition to the online collectable card games genre that has been gaining popularity recently. Most CCGs take a Magic the Gathering approach, with two players directly facing each other with their cards. Chronicle: Runescape Legends took a very unorthodox approach that helped it stand out from the competition. While players could attack each other, the majority of the game was essentially the players going on their own heroic quest. Fighting monsters, earning gold, and finding better equipment until they met up at the end. At that point they did fight, making the game feel more like a competition to see who could have the better adventure than a flat out battle. This approach makes it almost natural that, recently, a single player campaign was announced.

Jagex, the developers of Chronicle: Runescape Legends, has announced the Trials of Radimus. A single player campaign that will have players tackle the challenges set by Radimus Erkle, as the title would suggest. Much information about this upcoming expansion is still in the dark, but there are a few facts set in stone. This expansion will be completely free and available to all. The developers have commented that, while future expansions may have a price tag, this one is an essential part of the game.  One that can’t be cut off by a pay wall.  The rewards are mostly Unknown, but Radimus Erkle will be obtainable as a card at the end.  A card that promises to be quite powerful.  This is, sadly, all that is known about the Trials at the moment.

Trials of Radimus will be coming with other updates for the game as well. The game will cease to be a PC only game and be brought to Mac. The lead designer of the game, James Sweatman, says that they have been aiming for this since the launch of the game. He remarked that “…it’s great to be able to open the Chronicle to more players.” To cap it off, three new locations to travel through during gameplay will be added to Chronicle, Runescape Legends, as well as global chat.

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