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Hired Ops Released on Early Access

First-person shooters are a genre that has become an iconic part of modern gaming. Ever since the release of Wolfenstein 3D, gamers have come to partially associate modern gaming with mowing down enemies from behind the safety of a weapon. Hundreds, if not thousands of different FPSs have been created over the decades since. As a result, it’s become a rather hard market to stand out in.  Although this hasn’t stopped people from trying. Hired Ops is the latest FPS to be released, specifically onto Steam’s Early Access program. It is estimated that it will remain in Early Access until Q1 2017.

Developed by Absolut Soft, Hired Ops is a sequel to the F2P game Contact Wars. It takes after its predecessor in that it is a FPS with a pure multiplayer focus. Set in the modern era, Absolut Soft is aiming for a realistic take on military combat with Hired Ops. Recoil, sticking to cover, laser markers, specialized munitions and calls for assistance are all advertised. The missions players will undertake reflect this as well. Some will require lighting fast attacks, some involve stealthy infiltration with the use of thermal imaging, and others assassination.

Customization will be a heavy factor of Hired Ops as well. Five different classes are available to pick from, each with their own unique skills to unlock. It is promised that this will enable players to be everything from a stealthy scout, to a dealer of death and everything in-between. Players will also be able to customize their character as well. This is something that goes beyond the pure cosmetic, as it will affect gameplay as well. A hundred different guns are available for us too, and they’re all just as customizable as the players. Finally, players can build their own bases, unlocking even more unique outfits and weapons.

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