Evolve Updates Discontinued

Evolve was always a bit of an odd duck in the wider gaming world. It had an interesting concept with asymmetrical multiplayer focusing around a game of cat and mouse. One where the mouse can grow claws and fangs before killing the cat. It struggled to find a stable audience, not helped but its extravagant DLC library, and the fanbase dipped. The game received a second wind when it went free to play, with the player base spiking up. Despite this, however, Turtle Rock Studios has officially announced that support for Evolve is being discontinued.

On their website, Turtle Rock has expressed sadness at this direction. They commented that the current state of the game “doesn’t feel like enough,” implying that they would like to continue adding onto the game. They were upset that they were never able to bring the new version of the game to consoles, among other things. The decision to abandon Evolve is something that is out of Turtle Rock’s hands. They are not a self-funded studio and, in the end, the decision is up to the publisher, not them.

This is not the end of this studio. They have remarked that they have plenty of projects in the works that we will hopefully hear more about soon. Fans of Evolve will still have something to play as well. While updates and fixes will no longer be occurring, the servers will still remain up. It is unclear for how long this will be the case, as they cannot be supported indefinitely, but they are not being taken offline anywhere in the near future. It’s a sad time. I was never the biggest fan of Evolve, but it had a lot of untapped potential. It started to realize some of it with the Stage 2 update and going free to play, but only some. I hope that Turtle Rock can bring the same imagination to their next work.