Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold!

This is it folks, we’ve been on this ride together, we’ve seen Final Fantasy Versus XIII take many shapes, change gameplay styles, graphics engines and even its name between the decade of development, and it has received all kind of attention from the gaming press and gaming public. But after ten years since its first announcement and after multiple delays, Final Fantasy XV has finally reached the end goal of its development, yes, the long awaited game directed by Hajime Tabata has officially gone gold!. And Square Enix has celebrated this fact with the announcements regarding the downloadable content that this game will receive.

News came from the Final Fantasy XV official Twitter account on the morning of October 27th, where the tweet stated that the game had officially gone gold a month away from its release date, this of course means that the remaining months will be completely dedicated to bug fixing considering the game is gigantic, and likely filled with small errors that need to be corrected in order to make it a better overall experience. Details regarding the upcoming season pass and DLC expansions were also announced a few hours before, the season pass will feature six DLC packs, from chapters exclusively dedicated to each character of the main gang, to an intriguing co-op mode that will release after everything else is made.

This year feels unreal, honestly, from The Last Guardian going gold after getting shelved multiple times during its development, to Owlboy releasing after a decade of work. I know 2016 hasn’t had the best games, especially when comparing it to the much superior 2015, but it has given us incredible memories that will forever go on the books of gaming history. Final Fantasy XV releases for Xbox One and Playstation on November 30th, and I’m sure every Final Fantasy fan is thinking the same thing that I’m thinking…

…please be good.