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lara croft golden joystick awards

Lara’s Belated Inauguration


Lara Croft : An Immortal Gaming heroine

Finally the busty tomb-raiding goddess of every 90’s boy’s polygon fantasies is to be inducted into the Golden Joystick awards Hall Of Fame. Lara Croft will be an exception, becoming the first fictional character to do so, eclipsing the swashbuckling efforts of iconic gaming characters of the past such as Super Mario or Sonic the hedgehog.

She will be among prestigious company. Colossal names to win the coveted award are the Nintendo demagogue Shigeru Miyamoto  and Warren Spector , the mastermind director behind Deus Ex.

Since Tomb Raiders grand inception way back in 1996, Lara Croft has captured the hearts of a gaming generation, and become somewhat of a pagan goddess, worshiped the world over. The character Lara also acted as an ambassador for women’s rights, promoting the concept of a leading female role in an industry which at the time, was focused firmly on a male demographic.

As well as a maverick trailblazer, Lara Croft has withstood many hard knocks & bruises, continuing to delight a new generation of gamer’s with a radical reboot courtesy of “Crystal Dynamics”. But its not all been plane-sailing. Lara has endured a near-fatal era during the mid-2000’s, struggling to compete with the emerging shoot em up phenomenon sweeping the gaming universe.

Her modern re-animation with the adored rise of the tomb raider is a remarkable testament to her endurance and durability in a constantly evolving industry.

Lara’s soul is enshrined in many gamer’s nostalgic past, and the topic of modern discussion with her new lease of life. Although her character has been redefined , her  rich, beloved heritage will ensure that the Lara franchise will be around for many years to come.

The female heroine has captivated and compelled gamer’s worldwide for over two decades. Personally I feel pure elation, safe with the knowledge that she is finally getting the respect and adulation she deserves.


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