Battlefield 1 Giveaway Contest – CLOSED

Dear readers, I’m happy to announce that has teamed up with DLCompare to bring you a special treat. I hope that the coming Halloween has not distracted you from the gaming scene, because we here at Load The Game have prepared a little giveaway contest in order to raise hope for many and bestow luck on some of you. There will be 3 winners in this contest, each of whom will be receiving a free key for the freshly released Battlefield 1 FPS, developed by DICE studios.

In order to enter our contest you will need to log in bellow and optionally check some of the social media options. Checking Facebook, Twitter and visiting DLCompare will unlock two more options. Each option will give you extra stakes in the final draw which will take place on the 6th of November. Registrations will end in a week from now so don’t lollygag around.

Win 3 Battlefield 1 game codes with LTG and DLCompare

The winners will be announced here on Monday, 7th of November. They will also be notified by a message sent to  email addresses which they provided.

Writers and employees of LTG cannot participate in this draw.

For those who slept under a rock for the past year, Battlefield 1 is the latest installment of the Battlefield series of multiplayer oriented first person shooter games. Battlefield 1 gets its inspiration from the bloody confrontation that was The Great War (or WW1). This includes everything from trenches and gas warfare to mighty airships and carrier pigeons.

BF1 has been praised for the attention to detail with which it treats its campaign mode and the overall impressive graphical achievements. The single player experience is broken into a number of battle scenarios detailing the different theaters of operations. While admittedly fun, the campaign is more akin to the old Medal of Honor expansions in terms of length and more of an appetizer than anything else.

The strong points however are in the multiplayer mode. Here you can choose to play different classes which can advance through ranks and gain access to more interesting class based weapons. The multiplayer maps emphasize squad roles and a more methodical style of play. Grouped advancements, retreats and flanking type maneuvers are highly encouraged. However, the multitude of automatic and ‘experimental’ weapons make sure that the gameplay is fun rather than being a gritty cycle of assaults and retreats under enemy fire (which was the reality for most of the first world war combat theaters). The colorful sunset skies and volumetric clouds turn air battles into a visual delight, complete with tense dogfighting and falling burning zeppelins.

The Operations multiplayer mode provides short campaign-like gameplay in which teams battle along multiple key positions that grant control of territory. Respawning is done in the form of reinforcements that come with increased firepower, contributing to a steady crescendo of strength for the team and tension for the opposing team.

With more game modes coming, there’s no excuse for passing up the chance to try your luck and save on some $60 worth of solid fun gameplay.

The codes for Battlefield 1 have been kindly provided by, so do pay them a visit when you get the chance.


UPDATE! – Giveaway is over and the Winners are:

1. Joe Skutt 

2. Jozsef Ferdinand

3. Morgan Howard

Stay tuned for the next one!