Halloween Sale Goes Live on Steam

Steam has become associated with a lot of things over the years, not all of them good. However, one thing that nearly always comes to mind when Steam is mentioned is their sales. You don’t need to look far on the internet to fully appreciate the sensation that they have become. Not just their daily and weekly sales, but their massive sale events. The Steam Summer Sale has practically become memetic, with countless Youtube videos parodying it. Some of them getting hundreds of thousands of views each. While it isn’t as big as the Summer Sale, yet another Steam sale has graced us, the Halloween Sale.

As the name would suggest, the Halloween Sale focuses on games that fit the spirit of the holiday. Firstly, and most obviously, horror games. Games with a focus on being dark and including less than pleasant atmospheres. It doesn’t stop there though. Games that have included a Halloween update are also being featured on the sale. This includes everything from Payday 2 to Superhot. If there was a Halloween update, it’s probably on the list. And, as a cherry on top, this sale isn’t limited to games. Steam has put its recent film market to use, and horror movies are on sale, right next to horror games.

The Halloween Sale is keeping true to the spirit of the holiday in that it ends with October. Starting yesterday, it will only continue for a few more days. The first day of November will be the last day of the sale. This easily makes the Halloween Sale very short compared to other sales Steam has held. At the very least, they tend to last for a week, commonly longer. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this sale will have to move fast. No doubt that was the intention with this short time. Hopefully, customers will still be able to capitalize on it.

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