EVE Fanfest 20th Event Details

Milestones and anniversaries are customs that are practiced by the majority of the human race. Birthdays, days of marriage, and years of operation are all given special attention when the anniversary date comes round. Particularly when they line up with a particular milestone. For video game companies, it is no different. In fact, given the youth of the medium, in some ways they are even more significant. CCP Games seems to agree, as their are celebrating their 20th year anniversary at EVE Fanfest 2017.

CCP games was formed in the year 1996, and seven years later released the famous EVE Online. A MMORPG well known for its depth, complex player driven market, and utterly brutal difficulty curve. What is more, EVE Online has a constantly changing universe. Nearly everything in it is player created and player owned. Combined with its PVP focus, wars between rival corporations and the rise and fall of powers are common. Because of this, EVE Online was featured in the the Museum of Modern Art. The itself game will go undergo a major update November 15.  It will become free to play, with stunted growth for F2P players.  Opening up the chaos to even more players.

All of this will be celebrated at EVE Fanfest. Starting on April 6, 2017, EVE Fanfest will continue for three days. It will contain a variety of activities for all those attend. Panels, development presentations, PvP tournaments, and game demos will all be present. For the more adventurous, pub crawls will also be held, as will a “party on top of the world. Those who attend EVE Fanfest will receive an in-game cruiser, the CONCORD Enforcer cruiser. Attending both it and EVE Vegas 2017 will earn players the CONCORD Marshal Battleship. These ships will be made obtainable in game at a later date. CCP Games has not released all of its information on EVE Fanfest, and will update fans in the coming months.

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