Survival DLC Coming to the Division

Tom Clancy’s the Division was a game that had quite a bit of hype behind it when it was released. Between E3 showings, promises of a massive, interactive world, and simply being a Tom Clancy game. When it was eventually released, however, reception was rather mixed. There were many complaints about the game being rather stale and repetitive. It even reached the point where over 90% of the Steam player base left the game. Despite this, the game has not been abandoned by Ubisoft, and more updates are on the way. As of today, a public test server will be testing the 1.5 update, and their upcoming Survival DLC.

The Division was mainly set in New York City, in the midst of winter, fighting four different groups. One widely touted aspect of the setting was the Dark Zone. An area that had been quarantined off in an attempt to keep an epidemic under control. The area acted as a lawless zone where PVP could take place as players “went rogue.” The Survival DLC will mainly be taking place within the Dark Zone. As a Division controlled helicopter has been grounded by a snowstorm and will require extraction.

As the name will suggest, the Survival DLC will have a heavy focus on players surviving. The bitter cold of winter is still upon NYC, and players will have to scavenge to endure it. Food, water, medicine and clothes will need to be locate and secured in order for players to live. However, the cold is not the only enemy that they will have to face. Hunters, a mysterious new faction, will be targeting Division agents. To make things even worse, players can opt into either PVE or PVP mode. In PVE mode other players can’t hurt them, but it’s free game in PVP. The Division’s Survival DLC is placing enemies on all sides.

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