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Less appears to be more according to FLML


Although Kalmia8 has yet to confirm the release date of its new otome title, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, it is an undeniable fact that very soon, otome gamers will have the chance to delve into a completely new realm of romance, featuring two potential love interests. In contrast to previous otome titles available on the PC, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (FLML) includes fewer routes for the player to enjoy. Ozmafia – an otome game developed by Poni Packet, released earlier this year for English speakers featured eight available characters, while Amnesia Memories, another otome game by Idea Factory, published and released by Idea Factory International for the PC, PS Vita, and iOS – featured five characters.  It is indisputable that most otome visual novels include at least four love interests for the player to romance; this particular aspect allows the player to enjoy distinct experiences and plot lines with unique and different characters. For otome gamers who relish in romancing a wide selection of characters one after another, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (FLML) may be a tad too limited. For otome gamers with an appreciation for an unconventional female protagonist and an interesting plot, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (FLML) might just grab their attention.

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome or FLML revolves around the protagonist, Ema Tachibana – a tall sombre introvert with no friends. Even when she starts a new school, Ema Tachibana still refrains from changing her gloomy antisocial ways that cause her fellow classmates to fear her. Ema has no qualms about her current situation and actually prefers keeping things the way they are. Unfortunately, for her, the arrival of two handsome men is bound to turn her plans upside down. Miki Hiraizumi, a fashion designer who has recently returned to Japan after working abroad, enjoys making unusual women shine. Saito Shinjou, a young man who gets bored easily, endeavors to change the world by doing something big. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is a novel otome title that promises to offer players with a unique romantic experience.

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