Lego Worlds is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4

Lego Worlds is a PC sandbox game developed by the famous studio Traveller’s Tales and it has been called a Lego version of Minecraft, while the release date of the game was completely unknown for a long time, it did release on Steam Early Access in June 2015, and it was well received for feeling like an efficient translation of the creativity and freedom that comes with playing with legos. It was updated and patched throughout the months, and with added features such as splitscreen multiplayer and online multiplayer, progress was being made that led the game closer and closer to an official release. Today, Lego Worlds not only got an official release date of February 21st, 2017, but its also been announced that its coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A new trailer was revealed today by Traveller’s Tales that showed the release date alongside the announcement of the console release, the trailer shows different construction tools, ways of travel, combat weapons and even dragons. While the launch of the game on early access had a bit of a mixed response when regarding the available content (no pause menu, no multiplayer, not many substantial things to do) but since then it received seven main updates over the course of 18 months. Its on Steam right now for $15 but since it will soon release as a full game its logical that the developers are going to increase the price.

I’ve been interested in Lego Worlds ever since it released as a beta, I enjoyed playing Minecraft for years and it’s a game I can pick up at any moment and have a wonderful time with it, so finding another experience like that was something that really interested me. Its impressive to see how far Lego games have come over the last few years, going from making games out of different properties to making their own stories and experiments, like Lego Dimensions and Lego Worlds, and the power the Lego brand has nowadays assures a success for Lego Worlds.