Nier: Automata has western release date and collector’s edition

Nier was quite an interesting game, it had a lot of flaws due to low budget and being a rushed title, but there was real effort on trying to tell a proper story with engaging characters. When the sequel Nier: Automata was announced, questions arose regarding its release date but not many comments about it were made (outside of a delay) until November 2016, when it finally got a japanese release date of February 23th, 2017. After which western fans were wondering when it was actually going to release on the United States and Europe, and today PSX has greeted us with release dates for America and Europe, with America getting Nier: Automata on March 7th 2017 and Europe getting it on March 10th 2017.

Alongside the release date, Nier: Automata got an official announcement for the Day One edition alongside its collector’s edition. The Day One Edition features extra DLC and a reversible box art that features illustrations from Final Fantasy XIV character designer Akihiko Yoshida. Meanwhile, the Collector’s edition is called the Black Box Edition, for a pricy $190 buyers can get a black collectors box, a figurine of the main character, an artbook and a steelbook, among other things. Both editions are limited, but considering the demand of the Collector’s Edition, theres definitely an small amount of them, just like the 30000 units of the Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition. As for the Steam version, developer Platinum Games was not able to confirm if it was going to release the same day as the Playstation 4 version, but they have said that they are trying to do so.

Its kind of shocking how polished and intense Nier: Automata looks like, both trailers have featured phenomenal songs and boss fights look tight in terms of dodging and camera focus. Platinum Games is quite the excellent developer, especially when their A team is the one designing the game, so theres many reasons to support it.