Starbase Arc Goes Live for Rocket League

Rocket League has been quite the sleeper hit, both critically and commercially. The game centered around rocket powered cars playing soccer has managed to earn a place in the hearts of gamers. It has managed to regularly earn a top spot on the Steam sales list whenever a major update occurs. It doesn’t stop there, as it also has earned a spot in the top five most played games on Steam. At this point, it has numbers comparable to Team Fortress 2, and surpassing Grand Theft Auto V. Rocket League, despite all this success, isn’t stopping just yet. As of today, the Starbase Arc update has gone live.

Starbase Arc is completely free for all owners of Rocket League. As the name Starbase Arc would suggest, the update takes the game to the reaches of space. It’s centered around a new map. Set on board a the titular space station, players will be treated to a spectacular sight. Orbital battles, laser shows, asteroids and more will be the backdrop to matches. Hopefully players will be able to keep their eye on the ball and not on the amazing sights.

Of course, there is more to Starbase Arc than just one map. In fact, a massive swath of contact has come with this update. First and foremost, a highly requested custom mode for training. Players will be able to create their own training courses, and upload them for others to experience. For Steam players, Steam Workshop support has been added. With this, custom levels will be readily available for all on Steam. To top it off, there will be a large amount of cosmetic content, including visual redesigns and customizable parts. All of this is free, with the exception of a new car, the Vulcan. The Vulcan car can be purchased for $1.99, or the regional equivalent.

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