Civilization VI Ships Free Update Alongside Premium DLC

Civilization VI launched on October 21st of this year after a six-year gap since the launch of the previous installment, Civilization V. Although Civilization V is pretty old at this point, it still boasts an impressive amount of players who regularly do their best to guide a chosen civilization to supremacy. Part of the reason for the large amount of persistent players even years after release is the game’s active multiplayer scene and continued addition of new content. Even though Civilization VI has only been out for a couple of months, it looks like Firaxis is continuing the trend of game-expanding DLC with today’s release of a free update as well as two premium DLCs.

For $4.99, lead Poland to world domination as Jadwiga. Poland has the ability to gain control of rival civilization’s tiles after they’ve fortified borders. Jadwiga’s leader perk increases Relic value and makes Holy Sites more effective. A new scenario also ships with this DLC, with its Steam page encouraging players to “stand at the crossroads of Europe protecting the fertile Polish homelands from those who would seize it to empower themselves.” Also available for $4.99 is a DLC that allows players to control Europe for 100 turns as a Viking. Play as the leader of Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, and experience “six new City-States as well as three new Natural Wonders”.

If $4.99 is a little rich for your taste, you still have new content to experience, absolutely free. The free “Winter Update” introduces a new world map, an “alert” action for units, an option to replay Wonder completion clips and new scenario menu options. Many players have complained about the presence of bugs and the lack of intelligent UI, and it looks like Firaxis is committed to improvement with the balance, AI, and bug fixes accompanying this patch. For more information on the Civilization VI DLC and patches, check out the steam pages for Poland, Vikings, and the patch notes for the free update.